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IT & Telecoms africell

The very first Africell operation. Launched in 2001, Africell The Gambia aimed at making a difference not only through the Communication sector but also in the Community.

IT & Telecoms Comium Gambia

In a world where the business environment is changing at a quicker pace, few are the companies that know how to build on a record of sucess in all of its future endeavours, without losing sight of the values that made the company strong. We, at Comium, have a large experience in the field of telecom services which serves our daily work as we face new challenges, driven by our professional management team leading from the front with our mission and vision in hand.

IT & Telecoms Unique Solutions
Unique Solutions

Unique Solutions Ltd is a limited liability company that began its operations in April 2000. Established as an Information Communication Technology based company we offer revolutionary and innovative ICT services to Corporations, Governments, Educational Institutions, Private individuals and small businesses. Our services range from Internet Connectivity, Wide Area Network Connectivity, Local Area Network Connectivity, Computer Hardware, Software Sales and Maintenance, Outsourced IT- Managed Services, Web Design and Hosting, Extended Power Backup Solutions amongst others.

IT & Telecoms QCell

Sunu Buss is the QCell philosophy. “Sunu Buss” means “ours” in Wollof. We believe that QCell is for all Gambians by Gambians. Sunu Buss is Gambians coming together and supporting each other in the development of our nation.

IT & Telecoms Nice Gambia Ltd
NICE Gambia Ltd

NICE is building a franchise network of solar powered IT centres – NICE Centres – that provide technology solutions for education, work and business.

IT & Telecoms Lasting Solutions
Lasting Solutions

Lasting Solutions Limited is a limited liability company that was originally formed in the United States in 2004 but later opened an office in The Gambia in 2005. The company is 100% owned and managed by Gambians and specializes in all sorts of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related products and services.

IT & Telecoms InSIST Global
InSIST Global

InSIST Global is the only software development company in the Gambia that specializes in business information management and builds all of its technology from the ground up. InSIST Global was established in 2010 to help organizations and projects manage the complex flow of information through their business processes.

IT & Telecoms Gamtel

Gamtel is the primary provider of telecommunications services in the Gambia, The company is a state owned, limited liability company, with the Gambia government owning 99% of shares & Gambia National Insurance Company (GNIC) owning 1% of shares. The Company has steadily created a modern efficient network infrastructure, using state of the art technology in order to respond to the increasing demand of a dynamic market. Gamtel has grown swiftly into one of Gambia’s leading enterprises recording an annual turnover of D417.8 million for the year ending 2001 & expecting an estimated figure of D419million for the year ending 2002.

IT & Telecoms Gamcell

Gamcel’s mission is to satisfy its customers by offering a GSM service of international standard, professional, and user-friendly to the Gambian population. Commercial operations began on the 25th May 2001 when the GSM network was first introduced.