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Tourism, Travel & Entertainment Tourism and Travel Association
Tourism and Travel Association

The Tourism and Travel Association (TTAG) was formally formed as the Association of Ground Tour Operators to ensure the safe passage of Visitors in The Gambia. The TTAG has since opened its doors to other sectors of the Tourist Industry, such as Restaurants, Bars, Car Hire and shops. The members of the TTAG aim to offer a unique service and comfort to guests comming to The Gambia

Tourism, Travel & Entertainment Taf Gambia Tours
Taf Gambia Tours

TAF GAMBIA TOURS is a travel and tours company that seeks to provide easy access to pleasure and business holidays on the smiling coast of Africa. The Gambia, being a unique tourist destination presents sun sand beaches, serene environment, peaceful atmosphere, fantastic night life and business opportunities for expanding businesses and individuals and also guarantee a memorable experience for inter-African and international travelers

Tourism, Travel & Entertainment International Roots Festival
International Roots Festival

Introduction to The International Roots Festival 2013, Banjul The Gambia, West Africa. For over 400 years people have been separated by the results of the African Holocaust (African Atlantic Slave Trade) and the legacy of colonisation has kept us at odds with our true history, our identity, our cultural traditions and prevented unity and growth amongst our People and our Continent.

Tourism, Travel & Entertainment Gambia Tours
Gambia Tours

Gambia Tours is a family run enterprise, which started in 1983 as a ground handling company. The Company was formed in order to assist tour operators and helps provide a solid structure for the tourist industry in The Gambia.