Sunday, June 23

Taf Gambia Tours

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  • Brufut Gardens


Region : Banjul
Area : Brufut
Address : TAF Sales Office
Brufut Gardens
The Gambia
First Name : Therese
Surname : Mejahes
Job Title : General Manager
Phone Number #1 : 220 3762333
Website :
Email address : Click here


TAF GAMBIA TOURS is a travel and tours company that seeks to provide easy access to pleasure and business holidays on the smiling coast of Africa. The Gambia, being a unique tourist destination presents sun sand beaches, serene environment, peaceful atmosphere, fantastic night life and business opportunities for expanding businesses and individuals and also guarantee a memorable experience for inter-African and international travelers

Our intention is to open Gambia to revelers and investors and help open up other holiday destinations, starting from Gambia and subsequently expanding our services to cover other West African nations. We provide holiday planning services which include accommodations, tours and investment opportunities. Our exclusive deals are available on request and you are certain of absolute satisfaction with the services delivery from our professional and dedicated team.