Tuesday, April 16

Greentech Environmental Solutions

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  • Environment friendly products
  • Energy Saving Stoves
  • Pro-poor products
  • Supplier of quality biomass fuel
  • Fuel Briquettes
  • Environmental & social improvement


Region : Banjul
Area : Senegambia
Address : Kotu Stream
Kololi Senegambia
Green Mamba
PO Box 464, Banjul
The Gambia
First Name : Anthony
Surname : Tabbal
Job Title : Director
Phone Number #1 : 220 7811118
Phone Number #2 : 220 4464488
Phone Number #3 : 220 6662622
Website : greentechgambia.com
Email address : Click here


GreenTech is a private business response to the actual poverty situation, the up-winding energy crises and the environmental challenges in The Gambia.

The company will first of all supply affordable high quality solid biomass fuel for cooking and heating to a high diversity of industries and households, whilst supporting international and national strategies and targets for sustainable environmental and social development. GreenTech focuses on pro-poor and environmentally friendly products, production and marketing strategies with high potential of extension and diversification.

The minds behind this innovative business idea are the Gambian national Mr. Anthony Tabbal and Miss Lenja Guenther, a German national. As a team they form a perfect combination to develop a profitable and sustainable business under high involvement of environmental and social aspects. Anthony Tabbal Managing Director of GreenTech studied economy in the UK and successfully built up gastronomic businesses in the Gambia.