Saturday, March 2

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Gambians Abroad

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  • Political Affairs Division
  • Cooperation Division
  • Administration Division
  • International Economics
  • Protocol Division
  • Gambians Abroad Division


Region : Banjul
Area : Banjul
Address : 4, Marina Parade
The Gambia
First Name : n/a
Surname : n/a
Job Title : n/a
Phone Number #1 : 220 4225654
Fax Number : 220 4223578
Website :
Email address : Click here


The Gambias Foreign Policy priorities are based on the values and objectives stipulated in the countrys Vision 2020 Development blueprint and other development strategy documents. Under the Vision 2020, The Gambias Foreign Policy seeks to adopt a more pro-active stance with the aim of mobilizing greater international support for the country’s development.

Given the fact that the implementation and achievement of our development objectives as a state depends as well on the active participation of stakeholders in collaboration with development partners, and the harnessing and mobilization of domestic and external financial resources, the role of the Ministry is quite essential bearing in mind that it is the primary point of contact with development partners. Therefore in this respect, the Ministry has facilitation, coordination and follow-up roles in the implementation of our national priorities for the ultimate realization of our national objectives. This interrelation allows us to ensure international support in accomplishing our objectives. MOFA is also responsible for Gambian embassies and missions abroad as well as foreign embassies and missions in Gambia.