Monday, January 17

Sock warns Barrow about unstoppable UDP tsunami

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“UDP tsunami is coming Mr. President, and it’s coming with big force. The next four days to election, you’ll see defection that you’ve never seen in this country before.”
Mr. President, Sock said “I came to you; I came to your office and what we shared in your office, I never came out and talked about it but in your office there are rumours spreading and I think that is unprofessional.”
Mr. President, she added: “I had a chat with you, you said you didn’t know what I’ve done in this country but I told you I was one of the mediators or the only mediator between the 3 Years Jotna and the government.
“I told you when The Gambia was sleeping, I was mediating between the 3 Years Jotna and the government and when I mentioned that to you, you said to me, ‘oh they are UDP’, she continued.
Upon saying that, “I told you that at the time I was mediating, I didn’t see them as UDP but I saw them as citizens; sons and daughters of The Gambia and that is why I took it upon myself with my charity organisation to build peace in The Gambia.”
“As you sat comfortably in your office or in your house, I was running in and out trying to make sure those people attended the GRTS live show and also the conference that I fully and single-handedly paid for.”
“I ask you this Mr. President, is it because of our conversation that one week later, you came out and told the people that you sent the police or security to gas the 3 Years Jotna boys; or did I trigger a nerve?”
Sock further posited: “I was devastated that after a week later, you came out and made such a statement and I hope the international community is taking note because we have attended many peace conferences to make sure we see this election through peace and maintain the status-quo for peace.”
“The international community that is in The Gambia and the election observers in The Gambia, I hope you are observing; if you do not understand the language that the president is speaking then please try to get some translations because it’s triggering some nerves,” she said.
On the campaign trail of the UDP, Sock added, “we advise everyone to stay calm; we advise the youths to stay calm; so the international bodies observing the election, please advise the president to stay calm.”
“We know he’s nervous and yes you have every reason to be nervous because your ministers are quitting; they are one foot in and one foot out. Your ambassadors are embarrassed; they are one foot in and one foot out. They have no faith in you,” she affirmed.
“For the taxi drivers at Palma Rima, Senegambia and all over The Gambia, your tourism minister is hanky-panky, keening with you all over the country. We are in the tourists season in The Gambia and at the peak of the tourism, there’s no one in office,” she added.
Sock further said: “Mr. President, your cabinet should not be involved in your politics, no one asked you to have a political party while in office so now you have a conflict of interest in your house. Mr. President, every day till election, I’ll send you a message because I want you to learn from me,” she concluded.